10 Dec

Everyone wants to travel in an appropriate space. It is not only required for luggage, but for the seating experience as well. Spacious vehicle means peace-friendly, relaxation loving, and comfortable in nature. Pair these features up with style, and you have Toyota Camry 2018 as a result. Want to travel in it?

Let us check its specification and further dive into its features before you rent it on free delivery from paramount at finalrentals.

Toyota Camry in Dubai 2018 equipment

Toyota Camry 2018 is a front-wheel-drive type vehicle that is equipped with 4-wheel disc brakes. In addition to the 4-wheel disc brakes, it has a 4-wheel anti-lock braking system. It is an anti-skid BS that is also used on airplanes. It has speed-sensitive steering and gas-pressurized front shocks. A vehicle that supports complete safety on the road and when you leave it parked. For anti-theft purposes, it has a standard panic alarm and door locks with 2 stage unlock.

Sedan Type Vehicle which gives you 3000 KM mileage and includes comprehensive insurance. To further add to your entertainment, it has 2 first-row LC screens and 6 speakers to support and facilitate your MP3. Steer, Cheer & Enjoy your spacious trip with comfort. Ride through Dubai today with ease and passion. Book your Toyota Camry under AED 190 Today!

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Toyota Camry offers fuel-efficiency with impressive safety features to let you experience post-parking comfort. It pairs Information with entertainment and enhances the user-friendliness in a beautiful way. In addition to the mentioned features here and above, it is also able to offer awesome driving dynamics. However, you may find the trunk space below the standard size and as mentioned, you can use MP3. You are not supported in terms of Apple or Android Music systems in Toyota Camry 2018.

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