21 Oct

The winters are coming! Indeed, 2020 has been a rollercoaster ride for all of us. However, things are settling now, and once again tourism is getting started. As the year is coming towards its end, we can see a silver lining amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. As winter months start, it marks winter vacations and after long lockdowns, you must surely be looking for a fervor spot for visit in the winter holidays. And there is no place like Dubai anywhere in the world.

The temperature in Dubai during winters

Dubai has two diverse seasons as it has a desert type of weather. The summers are from April to September and winters start from October and last till April. The end of a hot season comes to an end with a rainy monsoon and the weather gets pleasant during this time. The city surely comes to life in winters as hot and sweaty days end. Usually, the temperature during winter months fluctuates from 26 degrees Celsius to 14 degrees Celsius. Moreover, with chilly winds you may also experience unexpected drizzle, so keep your umbrella or waterproof jackets handy.

Confirm all your bookings including a rental car in Dubai before arrival

Take your trip to Dubai this year; this is the only place where you can enjoy extreme luxury in an affordable package. But, before you get started with your to-do list for Dubai make sure you do your home-work well. First of all, confirm your flights. Decide, from which date till when you wish to stay and then get your two-way tickets booked in advance, so you may get a discount as well. Secondly, select a perfect stay for yourself. There are many hotels and air bnbs in Dubai which have very minimal rates yet they provide awesome facilities. Once after doing that, you must decide, how you are going to travel from places to places in Dubai. As of now due to the pandemic and even when everything is settled, why would you want to use public transports or taxis? Instead take advantage of car rental services and ease your tour from one spot to another. There are best car hire deals available at very affordable rates and if you are planning to pay a long visit, then it is advised that you must choose long term car rental in Dubai, or else you would end up paying more on for the travel then for the actual activities.

Best things to do in Dubai during winters


Camping is an ideal thing to do as an outdoor activity during winters. You can go anywhere, from the peaks of the mountains to the coasts or sandy deserts. Choose any place and put up your tents. As winters are much pleasant in Dubai, you won’t end up tired and fatigued from the scorching sun, nor will you be waking up inside a heat trapped camp. If you are a beginner, then worry not you will find ideal spots right outside the city area. However, if you are a pro and wish to go much further, then you will find your spot as well.

Cruising on traditional Dhow

You can go for cruising whenever, but if you are in doing it during summers, then you have to enjoy it from the air-conditioned lower deck. However, if you are here during chilly winters, you can enjoy alfresco dining in the open air while you witness the majestic view of Dubai. There are two spots where you can go cruising. One is Marina and the other one is Creek. If you are interested in viewing Dubai’s famous skyscrapers and high rises, then opt for Marina. But, if you wish to explore the historic side of Dubai then Creek would be a better option.

Enjoy adventurous activities at the beach

Dubai is filled with beaches and if you are a beach lover, then be happy and get excited because you have many beaches to visit. Some of the most popular ones are Jumeirah Beach, Kite Beach, and Jumeirah Beach Residences. Here you can just get your beach chair and relax in the cold breeze while enjoying deep blue waves splashing on the shiny white sand or get pleasure from unending water sport adventures.

Enjoy your Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Dubai

The two major celebrations that are during winters are Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Many countries have their way and charms of celebrations, but no one can defeat Dubai. Although the UAE is a Muslim country, Dubai has the grandest parties for both of these festivities. If you are planning your visit to Dubai and haven’t attended any of these events here, then plan your trip accordingly and come during these dates. You will have a blast for sure.

A visit to the mesmerizing Miracle Garden of Dubai

The botanical garden of Dubai is indeed only one on the planet. It is a rejuvenating experience to visit here during winters because the flowers are in full bloom and you can sink in the whole beauty without getting struck by the blistering sun rays. Here you will witness hundreds and thousands of flower species arranged in exhilarating characters and objects including a giant Mickey Mouse, Emirates A380, and Burj- Khalifa. You must surely not miss this place in the winter bloom.

There are many other activities to carry on and places to go in your rent a car in Dubai. Above mentioned are a few of them. Apart from these, there is Burj-Khalifa, Dubai Fountain, dessert safari, global village, Dubai Mall, and much more. You may not be able to visit each and every place but where ever you go, make sure you enjoy each bit of it. After all, Dubai is a place for everyone and it has something for everyone. So make your trip memorable and enjoyable because you get to live for once and every adventure is worth living.

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